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We hope you’ll love your GUINNOT jewellery so much that you want to wear it every day. With a little regular maintenance, you can keep your pieces looking their very best, and make sure they last a lifetime (and longer!). Here are some steps you can take as often as needed:

Cleaning your jewellery

However careful you are, regular wear means that your jewellery will accumulate some everyday dirt and dust. But with some gentle, effective and eco-friendly TLC, it’ll soon be looking just as stunning as the first time you saw it. 

Here’s how:

  1. Cut off a pair of worn-out nylon stockings.
  2. Put in one piece of jewellery at a time so there’s no risk of scratches.
  3. Bring some water to the boil in a small saucepan. Add 1 or 2 drops of non-abrasive liquid soap, e.g. a skin-friendly washing-up liquid, then turn off the heat. 
    Once the water has cooled down a bit – it needs to be hot, but not boiling – soak your jewellery for a few minutes. 
    Rinse it well. (PLEASE don’t drop it down the drain – learn from our experience!)
  4. Let your jewellery dry on a soft linen or cotton cloth.

And voilà, good as new!

White gold: rhodium plating for a new lease of life

Like all gold used in jewellery-making, white gold is a mix of pure gold and harder metals that are added for durability and strength. Pure gold is soft, yellow in colour, and would easily bend out of shape.

While these alloys help create the desired white colour, white gold is still never really white. Therefore, rhodium plating is a final treatment that GUINNOT and all jewellers perform to give white gold its ultra-white colour.

Over the course of time – depending on how often you wear your white gold jewellery – the delicate rhodium plating wears off naturally.

The good news is that you can have your white gold jewellery re-plated at any time. A new plating restores the brilliant white appearance and gives your white gold jewellery a new lease of life.

For details of how to arrange rhodium re-plating via GUINNOT, and the related cost, please contact


If you wear your jewellery very regularly, you might want to have it checked by an expert once a year. A full check-up involves steam cleaning – one of the safest and gentlest ways to clean jewellery – and polishing – to remove any scratches and restore your jewellery to its full beauty. Note that in polishing away any minor scratches, a microscopic layer of metal is removed from the piece. If your jewellery is made from white gold, you might also decide to have it re-plated with rhodium to restore the brilliant white appearance.

For details of how to arrange a jewellery check-up via GUINNOT, and the related cost, please contact

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