Caring for your GUINNOT jewellery

Your GUINNOT jewellery has been thoughtfully designed and skilfully crafted using only the finest materials. Timelessly elegant, it’s ready to accompany you on all of life’s adventures. Nevertheless, it remains a delicate piece of fine jewellery that deserves to be looked after. Below, you can find some hints and tips to keep it in perfect condition, and ensure that you have a long and happy life together!

Do’s don’ts/What to avoid when wearing jewellery

Put your jewellery on last: If you plan to wear make-up and perfume, put your jewellery on last – chemical ingredients in cosmetics and perfumes can stop your jewellery looking its best. 

And although our jewellery is finished to perfection, we recommend putting it on after you get dressed.

Less is more: While diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds, they can easily scratch other metals or stones they come into contact with. 

To avoid this, we recommend not wearing more than one piece of jewellery on the same finger or wrist.

Avoid wearing your jewellery for certain activities: If it’s safe and practical for you to do so, we recommend removing your jewellery before doing gardening or housework, swimming or bathing in chlorinated pools or hot tubs, or sports. 

This will avoid unnecessary wear and tear, reduce the risk of contact with products that might damage the jewellery, and avoid impacts and scratches.


Storing your jewellery

Store jewellery individually: To make sure your jewellery doesn’t get scratched, store it by itself in its original box or in a pouch that will protect it.

Choose the location carefully: Store your jewellery in a secure, protected location away from extreme heat or cold. 

Don’t let necklaces or chains get tangled: To avoid that chains and necklaces get tangled, close the clasp and store them flat, hang them, or wrap them around something soft so they are ready to wear. 

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